Show me: Pioneer Feud!

Spots are filling up for the first ever Pioneer Feud, an adaptation of the hit game show Family Feud, which will be raising money for the senior class.

Created by the Senior Parent Committee, and headed by Chemistry teacher Ms. Barker and Math teacher Ms. Henshaw, who are the Senior Class Sponsor teachers, Pioneer Feud was created as a way to raise money for Senior Class activities, such as the yearbook signing party. According to Ms. Barker, “In the past, there’s been a talent show, and the parents wanted there to be something that might involve more people because not everybody feels comfortable sharing a talent.” The two teachers serve as liaisons to the Senior Parent Committee by doing such things as filling out paperwork and recruiting judges. “I am there in a chaperoning capacity if I need to be,” Ms. Henshaw said. “[I] try to help promote it in class or outside of the school.”

Both teachers hope to have thirty-two full teams of five people filled up, but Ms. Henshaw said that she has “no clue” if they were near that goal or not. However, something that may entice students to sign up is the incentive of prizes. “The first place team will get $100, the second place team will get $50, and the third place team will get $25,” Ms. Barker explained. When split evenly among the five team members, the first place team will receive $20 per player, the second place team will receive $10 per player, and the third place team will receive $5 per player, which is the price of admission to the event. The cost of entering as a team is $25, or $5 per team member.

Dissimilarly from the hit game show, Millbrook Feud will not feature questions answered as by a survey. “They didn’t want to make people aware of the questions they were going to ask,” Ms. Barker said. Instead, the questions will be pulled from a source that have been treated in the same way as Family Feud questions. Presumably, the questions will also be school-appropriate.

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