Shrek: Behind the Scenes

Luis Lopez with one of his favorite teachers.

The Shrek musical opened Thursday, April 7 and, in short, it was amazing. However, with such excellent performances by the cast, we often forget what goes on behind the scenes. Along with the actors and actresses, the behind the scenes team worked countless hours making props and getting things perfect for opening day.

Luis Lopez, who managed the sound said, “Managing the sound was super fun, but at the beginning of it I was very stressed.” Luis said that although he had practiced the sound a lot, when the musical actually started for the first time it was a completely different experience. As the musical progressed, it got easier and he was able to relax a bit. Mr. Griffis was there with Luis throughout the play to guide him through what to do. During intermission Luis shook one of his friend’s hands, who commented, “It was soaked in sweat.”

This musical was both funny and entertaining. I’m beyond glad I was able to see it on opening night, because there were many times I couldn’t contain my laughter. I’d recommend anyone who liked the Shrek movies or even the subtle humor to come see the musical.