Silvia Valladares

Silvia Valladares in the art hallway

Silvia Valladares is a senior who has been selected into the National Gallery of Art to participate in Student Seminar 2.0. She is one of 16 participants from the D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area and is the first representative from this school district. She was given this opportunity when Ms. Perrault sent her an email asking if she was interested in applying, which she did immediately.

Silvia is beyond excited for the program and already deemed it a great experience and an opportunity it to make connections with people she has a lot in common with. “We just go around the gallery and talk about art…it’s cool,” she said, her voice enthusiastic, yet relaxed. It was clear that she was “in” her comfort zone and that she was passionate about this pursuit. When it comes to her own artistic style, Silvia stated that her inspiration doesn’t come from one specific artist or medium, but several as she likes to branch out and experiment. Despite her enjoyment in all different types of art, she focuses mainly on realistic paintings and portraits and prefers oil paints.

Born in El Salvador on January 23, 1998, the young artist has surrounded herself with art throughout her entire life. For as long as she could remember, she was constantly drawing and was known as “the little girl who carried a notebook around.” She didn’t move to America until she was eight, but no matter where she lived, she has always kept her craft close. Besides art, Silvia enjoys being active and takes part in hiking and jogging, but she ultimately wants to pursue a career in art.

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