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New York Times bestselling author Simone Elkeles spoke at Sherando High School on March 24 about the ups and downs of being author. Her presentation was inspirational, humorous and informational. Though Simone Elkeles loves all of her books, the one closest to her heart is Perfect Chemisty. She has a total of ten books currently available and four series. The Perfect Chemistry series. the Wild Cards series, the How to Ruin series, and the Leaving Paradise series.

Through her writing journey Simone Elkeles has had many fun experiences doing research for books including getting her gun certification, going on duty with a deputy and being locked in a jail cell. “Tell them you’re an author and they’ll let you do anything,” said Elkeles.

Simone Elkeles’ least favorite thing about being an author is not having enough input when it comes to titles and covers. Leading Paradise was originally supposed to be called Caleb Becker is Back, but the company threatened not to sign the book if she didn’t change the name.

Perfect Chemistry was supposed to be called Zero Tolerance, Simone even tied this title into the book. The Wild Cards title was changed to Better than Perfect for the paperback version. Simone isn’t fond of all the new Perfect Chemistry series covers because she felt the old one appealed to boys and girls better.

The most difficult thing about writing is deadlines according to Simone. She admits she is constantly distracted by the internet. She even bought Freedom, a computer program that doesn’t allow her to use the internet during a certain time of day. The solitude also bothers Elkeles because she is an extrovert and she would rather be having a picnic with friends.

Her favorite thing about writing is the fans. She loves reading their emails and hearing their stories. She never set out to change someone’s life, but has heard numerous stories from fans about the impact their books had on them. Simone Elkeles loves to talk with all her fans. In the acknowledgements in the back of Perfect Chemistry book, she said, “I love to hear from my readers. So don’t forget to visit me at”

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