Snow Update 1-21-16

Here’s the latest weather update from Millbrook’s very own weatherman, science teacher, Mr. Haskiell:
With weather, there is always change.  Please keep in mind that I only do this for the fun (geeky) of it and do not claim to be good at this.  That being said, here you go.
The storm timing has changed.  The storm seems to have slowed down, which will delay when the snow gets to our area.  However, that same slowing will also mean that when the storm gets to us it will be here longer, which means better chances of more accumulation.  This is also going to be a very heavy, wet snow, so take precautions when shoveling your walkways and/or driveways.  If you haven’t stocked up for this storm yet, good luck finding what you need.
Friday Morning:
Light snow will move into the area by mid/late morning.  Little to no accumulation is expected.
Friday Afternoon:
Snow will begin to intensify to snow showers as the day goes on with 1-2” of accumulation possible.
Friday Night:
Snow showers will continue to get heavier after sunset.  5”+ of more snow possible.
Heavy snow showers continue with an additional 5”+ of accumulation possible.
Saturday Morning:
Heavy snow showers will continue throughout the morning.  Another 5”+ of snow will be possible.
Saturday Afternoon:
Heavy snow showers will begin to ease as the day goes on.  Additional 2”+ of snow is still possible.
Saturday Night:
Light snow showers will be possible with another accumulation of 1-2”.
Snow will finally stop before daylight with another 1”+ of accumulation possible.
No matter how you look at this storm, that’s a lot of snow! I’m thinking we could be pushing 20” or more before this is all done.  Throw in wind speeds of 10-15mph Friday night through Saturday morning and this could be a record weather event for our area. If you don’t absolutely have to be out on the roads after Friday mid-afternoon, don’t go.  Stay safe, shovel slow and take lots of pictures.
Mr. Haskiell