Millbrook’s very own weatherman, science teacher Mr. Haskiell, has made some important predictions regarding the coming snowstorm! According to Mr. Haskiell, the Weather Channel has already dubbed this storm as “Jonas”.  This storm is showing signs of being at least an impact storm and could still turn into a mega-storm.
Here are his predictions for the week:
Wednesday afternoon and evening:
Light snow will move into the area in the late afternoon.  Little to no accumulation is expected, however, with the low temperatures we have had, some areas may have a better chance of snow sticking and becoming an issue as the sun goes down.
Thursday–Prep Day
No snow is expected, so take advantage and get prepared for a long weekend.
Light snow will move into the area before sunrise and will start to become heavy snow showers by mid-morning.  Expect accumulation of at least 2” before noon.
Heavy snow showers will continue through the day, with an additional 3-4” of accumulation.
Friday–Evening through Saturday Evening
Heavy snow will continue through Saturday evening.  Expect significant additional accumulation to occur during this time. More information on this by tomorrow.
Snow will begin to diminish during the overnight,  Some accumulation will occur before finally stopping early Sunday morning.
As of now, I’m going with a total of maybe 12-15”.  It is still early and I’m sure things will change during the next 24 hours.  I will update again this afternoon if the information I have changes, but will definitely send out another message tomorrow with a more accurate look atFriday night into Saturday.
Enjoy and be safe.
Mr. Haskiell