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The highest achievement a Boy Scout can achieve is becoming an Eagle Scout. The few boys that achieve this honor exceeded all expectations and this achievement rare, with only about 5% of Boy Scouts awarded the Eagle Scout yearly. The boys must meet certain requirements while earning 21 merit badges including 13 specific badges required and a major community service project. Millbrook High School is lucky enough to have not only one, but two boys become Eagle Scouts.

RicardoSances_Final-300x169Ricardo Sanchez, a senior, is one of these boys. Ricardo finished his requirements October 5th. He still has to go to his Consul Board Review, when they give him the actual award in a month. For his community service project, Ricardo repaired and restored a barn at Kernstown Battlefield. He also earned a total of 26 merit badges including Kayaking, Motor Boating, Water Sports, Canoeing, Aviation, and Leatherwork.

Ricardo is a part of Troop 3. He has been a Boy Scout since he was in first grade, when he started in Cub Scouts (Boy Scouts for kids ages 7-10). Ricardo said, “My favorite part of Boy Scouts is the experience you gain. Not only the outdoor experiences, like camping, but the things you learn through all your merit badge classes.” He is a registered leader at the age of 18 and plans to continue leading future scouts.

JhonKeefe_FinalJohn Keefe, also a senior, became an Eagle Scout as well. He got his award in September after he made a sign for Esther Boyd animal shelter, which took him two days to build. “My favorite part was that I helped out the animal shelter and now everyone knows where it is,” John said. John earned 49 merit badges, and some of his favorite badges he earned are Robotics, Cooking, Fishing, Space Exploration, Archery and Rifle Shooting.

John is a part of Troop 18. He has been in Boy Scouts for two years, however, he was also a part of Cub Scouts. After Cub Scouts, he quit Boy Scouts but rejoined after a few years. He enjoys camping with his troop, especially at the Shenandoah River, which is his favorite place to camp. John’s favorite part of Boy Scouts is being with all his friends.

Both Ricardo and John have achieved a very high honor, and all of Millbrook congratulates both of them on becoming Eagle Scouts.

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