Soldier Returns! Mother Returns!

November 16 was truly a day to remember for Redbud first grader, Jaylen Sanders.

Jaylen has been staying in Winchester with his aunt, uncle, and two cousins since the middle of May. This is because both of his parents serve in the Air Force and were both deployed at the same time. He has been staying with relatives for seven months.

On November 16, Jaylen’s mother came by Redbud to surprise him. While his class was outside, Jaylen’s family snuck inside his classroom and waited for the class to come back from recess. Ms. Sanders hid inside the bathroom in the classroom so when Jaylen came in, he wouldn’t see her right away. Once the class settled down, his mother came out of her hiding place and into his view.

For a few seconds, Jaylen didn’t know what to do. He was in such shock that he couldn’t move. After a few encouragements to snap him out of his thoughts, he bolted to his mom with arms opened. They both hugged and cried, causing everyone else in the room to cry as well.

Once they broke from the hug, the teacher, Ms. Slaughter, handed Ms. Sanders a stack of thank you cards made by the students. Then she pulled out cupcakes to celebrate.

Overall, the whole event was definitely a tearjerker.

About the Author

Cara George
Cara is a junior at Millbrook and is actively involved in FFA. She wishes to study veterinarian science after high school.