Spring MPAA Awards

On Sunday, May 21, Millbrook held the 2017 Spring Sports MPAA Awards Ceremony. The MPAA, Millbrook Pioneer Athletic Association, is comprised of parents of the Millbrook High School community and raises money and awareness of Millbrook athletics.

At this event, three awards were presented for each sport: the Sportsmanship Award, the Coaches Award, and the Pioneer Award.

The Sportsmanship Award is awarded to a player that exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship during practice and games and has respect of teammates and coaches, and opponents.     

The Coaches Award is awarded to a player that may not be the best player, but gives 100% all the time and does those extras that set him/her apart from the rest.

The Pioneer Award is awarded to the team’s most outstanding player, a good role model, has a good attitude, displays good sportsmanship, is coachable, your “model” player.

The awards were given as followed:


Sportsmanship Award: Gavin West

Coaches Award: Nate Jaye

Pioneer Award: Ryan Kennedy


Sportsmanship Award: Aubrey McLarn

Coaches Award: Rylee Warchola

Pioneer Award: Sophie Pell

Track & Field – Boys

Sportsmanship Award: Will Martin

Coaches Award: David Blackstone

Pioneer Award: Cameron Faint

Track & Field – Girls

Sportsmanship Award: Mellany Groll

Coaches Award: Kaycee Cox-Philyaw

Pioneer Award: Sarah Purdy

Tennis – Boys

Sportsmanship Award: Alex Clippinger

Coaches Award: Nathan Wiens

Pioneer Award: Hayden Wilfong

Tennis – Girls

Sportsmanship Award: Christina Gutilla

Coaches Award: Kyle Buza

Pioneer Award: Cecilia Cress

Soccer – Boys

Sportsmanship Award: Dylan Frederick

Coaches Award: Hans Kloo

Pioneer Award: Chris Kozlowski

Soccer – Girls

Sportsmanship Award: Nicole Taylor

Coaches Award: Kristen Hunt

Pioneer Award: Evie Esslinger


About the Author

Cara George
Cara is a junior at Millbrook and is actively involved in FFA. She wishes to study veterinarian science after high school.