Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

“Here’s some money, go see a Star War,” a quote by Lucille Bluth. This is the most inconsistent movie I’ve seen in a few years; the scenes in the movi

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“Here’s some money, go see a Star War,” a quote by Lucille Bluth. This is the most inconsistent movie I’ve seen in a few years; the scenes in the movie range from awe inspiring to straight up absurd. I can’t really say that I love this film and I definitely can’t say that I hate it either. So with this review, I’m going to try and justify my position on both ends of the spectrum with what worked and what really didn’t. But, that is a difficult process, because this film is highly coveted when it comes to spoiler territory and on multiple occasions, I was told that if any part of the film was spoiled, I would be met with physical violence or be failed.

So, without diving to deep into spoilers; this movie is a thumb dead in the middle. The first two thirds of this movie operate almost as a parody of itself, with absurd and overtly on the nose dialogue aggressively propelling the plot to basically nowhere. And when I say nowhere, I am specifically referring to the film’s B-plot, which is absolutely dreadful. This entire subplot could have been halted in literally one sentence, but instead, we are taken away from the truly interesting part of the movie for some kooky adventure. Circling back to the majority of the film’s dialogue, it could have been scraped right out of a scrapped sequel to Top Gun and I probably would not have known the difference. “He’s a loose cannon, but he gets results”. Also, the milk scene as a whole, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’ll know it when you see it. What else, what else? Ah, Porgs are the new minions and Laura Dern as a whole were just plain silly. This movie’s greatest flaw however, is not its silly dialogue or poor writing, but instead, its perfectly blatant backtracking, doubling back on nearly every choice of direction made in The Force Awakens, almost written in as someone going, “Nah, we’re not gonna do that.” It was noticeable and done in ultimately poor taste.

That is to not say that I did not enjoy this movie, because I most definitely did. It is imperfect in a lot of ways, but when this movie was good, boy, was it good. The visuals in this movie are incredible, the CGI and cinematography were working at height unparalleled by the series since Empire. Alongside this, the creature design of this film is just astounding, the care and detail given to these one-off characters add a level of depth to these worlds; as if they are lived in and have history. They fixed Kylo Ren, rather than a sad-boi emo caricature of a villain, I was able to empathize with him and understand his motivations.

But, I don’t want to spoil anything in too deep of a way, so in parting words, I had a good time watching this movie. It was pretty looking, some of the action was good and I’m sure it will appease fans of the original trilogy. It is not perfect, however. This movie is flawed fundamentally and if one enters in a state of mind that is not in a critical disposition, they will have a total blast. You just can’t think about any of the major plot points too deeply or for too long.

I’m giving this one a strong 5.9/10