Stardew Valley Review

If you’re looking for a great game to just sit down and play for hours and still be able to come back and play it the next day, then Stardew Valley is for you. It is a single player, simulation, role playing game that was released February 26, 2016 by the publisher Chucklefish Games.

The game begins by letting the player create a character with a great amount of customization from hair to clothes to accessories. While customizing the character they ask the player to name the farm they’ll be running, what their favorite thing is, and their preference between cats or dogs.

Once the player is done creating their character, the game shows a lovely short intro giving the backstory into why the player is running the farm and some basic character introductions. After the initial intro phase is over the player is free to explore their farm and the nearby town as well as meet the townspeople.

In the game the player can make money for the farm by growing plants that are in season, making artisanal goods, gather items in the wild, fishing, mining, or by selling items from slain monsters or domestic animals. When the player isn’t busy trying to gather items to sell, they can socialize with the townspeople, as well as work on romancing one of them.

There is an npc (non-player character) romance for every type of player. For example, if the player is interested in a musical person, there is Sam or if the player is interested in appearances then there is Haley. When the player has fully romanced a character you can marry them and have children, both spouse and children will help out on the farm to make work on the farm a bit easier.

This game is a great getaway from everyday difficulties because it never makes the player feel stressed or in a dire state if something goes wrong. There is so much to do in Stardew Valley and it can please a wide variety of players.