Student for a Day, Principal By Dawn


On February 14th , Vice Principal Hawkins made the brave decision to become a student for a day. The idea had been in his head for three years and he was excited to finally do it.  Recently, our superintendent Dr. David Sovine sent out  information on shadowing students for a day to all administrators. Mr. Hawkins thought it would be a dandy idea to mix the two ideas.

He chose to follow Seth Noel’s schedule for the day. In the morning, he started his day with U.S history, Finance, then with Algebra 2. Then in the afternoon, he took the bus to Dowell J. Howard to take an Auto Tech class.

Mr. Hawkins said his day was action-packed and he was busy the whole time. “Every minute was filled with a task to do. It was a challenging change of pace for a day. It was entertaining watching to see if others would recognize me, because most students and many staff actually did not notice me right away or at all during the day. They treated me like another student.  All students accepted me into their classes were very helpful to me during group activities especially in Algebra II. Some enjoyed calling me by my first name.”

Overall, Mr. Hawkins said he learned a lot and said most of the things he learned have relevance after high school and in the real world. He said he really enjoyed his day as a student and it was interesting to be one. Also, he wishes to thank Mrs. Butler for letting him do this project and Mrs. Puglisi and Mrs. Rangel for covering his job for the day.

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