Student Spotlight: Lauren Reed


Lauren Reed focuses on her shot.

999…1,000! Junior Lauren Reed scored her 1,000th point this basketball season. “This has always been something I knew I could do, especially after being so close to achieving it at the end of last season.”

Reed has been playing basketball ever since she can remember. She has the most impressionable memories from Parks and Rec which she started at age 5.


A pre game picture is taken of the Reed family

Hitting 1,000 points is a huge milestone for a basketball player. “I don’t have any other accomplishments in mind other than to grow stronger as a team and go to states, regions, and conference.”
As far as future plans after high school, Lauren knows she wants to attend college. “I’d like to play in college if I can get an offer somewhere. But for now, I’m just focusing on academics.”


She takes a shot to score for the Lady Pioneers

Lauren has many fond memories of playing the sport in high school, but said, “My favorite memory of basketball was last year when we played Woodgrove and Joneisha Caine got us a win with three seconds left on the buzzer.”


The team warms up and wishes each other luck before the game.

With about 12 hours put into each week of practice, Lauren Reed is an outstanding athlete. Don’t miss her in action! Basketball schedules for both boys and girls can be found on Millbrook’s school website.