Students and Teachers Impacts of Cancer

Meet Nadie Dahimene a survivor of cancer.

Kiara Torrey

  • My cousin had cancer for four years and the doctors had to amputate his leg in 2008. Also my aunt had leukemia for eight years and only knew about the cancer for four years.

Ms. Thomas

  • My sister had breast cancer and it was really hard for me and her family. Now she is breast cancer free for ten years.

Hannah Sampson

  • My grandma died of cancer, but my mom’s friend beat breast cancer.

Mrs. Hillyer

  • I had breast cancer and the treatments that I had to go through were radiation and chemotherapy. I lost all my hair, it was really hard for me and my family. I missed a lot of work, nine months worth, but the students helped me out a lot.

Chira Bell

  • My grandma had breast cancer and she died. It didn’t impact me a lot because I was sick at the time and very young.

Ms. Lacey

  • My dad died of colon cancer and this helped me appreciate life more. Also I had cervical cancer and now I’m cancer free.  

Mrs. Brookshire

  • My mom had lung cancer and she was a nonsmoker. She was only 58 years old when she died. She was really young. I think it’s hard to lose a mom at any age even when you’re older.

Nadia Dahimene

  • I had thyroid cancer and it was really hard for me. It taught me to appreciate life more and really respect all the people around me for being there. It also showed me how strong I’m really am and to never give up.