Summer Camps in Virginia

Summer Camps in Virginia

Who says that summer camp is just for kids? These camps in Virginia offer programs for teens up to 17 years old! Some even offer employment for teens

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Who says that summer camp is just for kids? These camps in Virginia offer programs for teens up to 17 years old! Some even offer employment for teens and leadership programs!

Check these summer camps out and register while you still can!

Wilderness Adventure at Eagle Landing

Wilderness Adventure is situated on 500 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. The camp offers programs for children as young as 8, but also has programs for teens. One of the programs offered is a leadership opportunity for girls called Leading Ladies. Girls ages 14-17 camp in the wilderness and learn important leadership and communications skills

Another program offered is called the Mountain Bike Trip, where for a week, boys and girls aged 14-17 explore the trails of Southwest Virginia on mountain bikes and even take a ride on a zipline. All equipment is provided.

There are many other programs offered for younger teens, but one offered to teens ages 17 and older is the Leadership Training Program. By completing the week, teens are eligible to be accepted as apprentices for the rest of the summer. As an apprentice, teens will use the skills they learned during training to lead trips and shadow instructors. After becoming an apprentice, teens will be eligible to become an assistant trip leader later that same summer.

Camp Friendship

Located in Palmyra, Virginia, Camp Friendship has been active for more than fifty years and has several different programs for young adults. At Camp Friendship, teens can choose from thirty-five activities–including tennis, fencing, yoga, and video production–at a per week basis all throughout the summer, with additional fees for certain activities, such as horseback riding and to put on drama productions. The camp also offers English classes to campers from international countries.

There are three main programs offered to teens at Camp Friendship: the senior village, the equestrian camp, and Counselor-in-Training. The Senior Village offers all the activities offered throughout camp as well as campfires and a set of cabins away from the younger campers. At the equestrian camp, girls ages 9 to 16 get to ride and learn about horses all day. About 80 horses are available for the use of equestrians of all skill levels. The last program at Camp Friendship is the Counselor-in-Training program. After teens ages 15 to 17 are accepted into the program, they learn important skills about leadership and childcare as they train to become counselors in the future.

In fact, Camp Friendship offer several jobs for teens during the summer. 16-17 year olds are eligible to become a junior counselors and as various assistants throughout camp. These include kitchen assistants, camp store assistants, and barn assistants. All other positions are only offered to young men and women ages 18 and up.

Camp Horizons

Nestled in the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Camp Horizons offers one program for teens: Explorer, for ages 12-16. They offer a wide range of programs, from sports to performing arts to science and technology. They also offer add-ons of horseback lessons and rides, as well as canoe and tubing trips, and more. Camp Horizons also offers “specialty camps,” such as Outdoor Adventure Camp–where teens get to explore parts of Virginia and West Virginia–Equestrian Camp, and Camp Up with People–a program focusing on teens learning performing arts while contributing to their community through service. They even offer a leadership program.

More information on all of these camps can be found on their websites, which have been provided next to their names in this article.