Summer Concerts

Everyone has their favorite artists and getting to see them in concert is exciting. Alex Ganse and Meg Hann went to two concerts this summer, including a Dierks Bentley concert and a Chase Rice concert. Dierks Bentley played at Virginia beach on July 9th. “It was so much fun. We planned going to the beach around the concert,” Meg shares, “We sing to him in the car so why not live?” The end was the best in their opinions, which was when Dierks sang his song Drunk on a Plane. “I think we would like to go again but this time with pit tickets. Our seats were too far away last time,” was their only complaint.     Summer Concert_Final

The next show the friends went to was Chase Rice during the Clarke County fair. “We were so close to the stage we could touch it. That was so much fun,” they recalled. When asked if they preferred the artists in concert or on a recording, they both agreed live was better. Abbey Taylor also went to the Chase Rice concert. She went along with her cousins and they all had a wonderful experience hearing the well known country singer.

Anna Sule went to a few concerts this summer as well. The first one was in Philadelphia, PA, in June to go see Taylor Swift. “The concert was so energetic,” she said. Anna says, she has a passion for music and thinks Taylor Swift is a great feminist icon as well as a good role model for kids. “I really enjoyed her in concert, just because there were lights flashing everywhere, the dancers were cool, and at the end there were fireworks.” She says that she wasn’t disappointed at all.

Anna also went to a Hozier concert in Pittsburgh at the end of July. “It was at this really pretty outdoor stage called AE and I just liked the feel of it.” She said her favorite part was when he sang Arsonist’s Lullaby. “He redid his songs at the concert, they were more rock and roll. Noramly they are slower but he amped them up for the show.” There is nothing like seeing your favorite band in concert.


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Anica Moran
Anica is a junior this year. She enjoys reading and listening to music in her spare time.