Super Bowl XLIX

super bowlThe Super Bowl is the most well known event in all of American football. The Super Bowl is a game between the two top teams in the NFC and the AFC, a sort of “Clash of the Titans” if you will. Football fans care so much for this game because it’s exciting and leaves viewers on the edge of their seat.

And there are also THE commercials. Major companies such as McDonalds, Pepsi, and Doritos all pay large sums of money to have advertisements for their products air during the Super Bowl because so many people tune in for it.

Super Bowl XLIX will air February 1, 2015 at 6:30 on NBC. The two teams competing for the championship are the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams have a record of 14 wins and 4 losses this season. The New England Patriots have been to seven Super Bowls (with the 8th being this year’s game), while the Seattle Seahawks have been to two Super Bowls (the third also being this year) and happen to be last year’s Super Bowl victor. This year both are returning for another taste of the glory.