Superfan Richard Baughnan

Did you know to bend vibranium, the strongest element in the Marvel universe, takes 7.39 X 10701 kilotons of energy? Richard Baughnan does.

Richard is a super fan of Marvel comics and a junior at Millbrook. Richard is a very enthusiastic fan of many TV shows, movies, books and video games, but above all else, Richard is a fan of Marvel comics. He stumbled upon Marvel years ago when he was looking for something to get into, and he became a fan instantly.

He’s been to several conventions and wishes to go to Comic Con one day. Richard would love to meet Stan Lee at one of these events, but hasn’t yet. “The conventions where you just nerd out and talk physics and apply physics get crazy. Those are the ones I enjoy,” Richard said.

At one of these Marvel conventions, Richard went wearing Wolverine claws. He was there for a while when someone dressed as Batman, a superhero from the DC universe, showed up. Batman went around claiming he was the best superhero, but Richard disagreed. When he said something, the man dressed as Batman pulled a batarang out and cut his Wolverine claws. Richard then got into a dispute with Batman, and as Richard says, “That is the craziest thing I’ve done.”   

Although Richard loves everything about the Marvel universe, he has his favorites. His favorite Marvel hero, or rather heroine, is Scarlet Witch. Richard’s favorite generation of Marvel comics is the third generation, and he finds it impossible to pick a favorite issue, because there are so many good ones.

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