Taking A Cut To Make A Difference

Children With Hair loss is a nonprofit organization that gives children who are 21 years or younger who have lost or who can’t grow their own hair. This organization takes a donor’s hair and turns it into a beautiful wig for a child. All hair that is donated and made into wigs are free of charge. Other than donating hair, donors can donate money if they do not want to cut their hair off or they do not meet the minimum of 8 inches in hair length.  

Ms. Powers donated her hair on September 22 during last block. Alea Marco, a junior at Millbrook and Ms. Power’s daughter attended the hair-cutting, along with a fellow student who also participated in this event. Ms. Powers stood in front of her Early Childhood Education I class and got her hair cut by Alea Marco. Before Ms. Powers got her haircut, her daughter measured the hair. Alea cut the first ponytail and M s. Powers’ daughter cut the last two ponytails.

When Ms. Powers approached Alea to ask her if she wanted to be a part of this project, Alea felt very honored that out of all the students in FCCLA Ms. Powers picked her.The reason for the event for being at the end of the day was so afterwards Ms. Powers could go get it professionally done and in order for Alea to cut the hair in front of people. Since it was an FCCLA project, they were allowed to teach and demonstrate in class.

When the hair was cut, there were a few giggles but other then that there was a great reception for Ms. Powers cutting her hair for this cause. She decided to get her hair cut because “it has been growing for a long time.” This is Power’s third time donating her hair to an organization that helps children with hair loss.

Ms. Powers had some encouraging words for anyone who wants to donate but who is hesitant. “If they really want to do it, then go for it. It is for a good cause. The hair will grow back, but for a kid who can’t grow hair or has lost theirs due to chemo, they will now have hair.”


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