Terror Attack in CA: What We Know So Far

People crowd around the scene of the mass shooting that took place outside a party in San Bernardino last Wednesday.

On Wednesday, December 2, California authorities responded to a mass shooting outside of a party located in San Bernardino. Reports indicated that a man and a woman had fired upon the party with assault weapons, injuring 21 and killing 14. Following the shooting, the attackers were identified as Tashfeen Malik and Syed Rizwan Farook, a married couple who supported the radical terrorist group known as ISIS. Authorities were able to pin down the culprits and gun them down in a shootout on the same day, but many were still wondering if this was an act of terror or just pure violence.

Further investigation revealed that although ISIS had not claimed full responsibility for the couple’s actions, they were in full support for them. Evidence indicated the attacks were carefully planned by the couple, who had no trouble with the law beforehand and relatives of the attackers had no idea of the radial views held by couple. A search of the couple’s house revealed thousands of rounds of ammunition and pipe bombs were discovered, as well as more guns.

Investigations also revealed that the attack was in fact an act of terror from not only disputes in religion, but also from the workplace. Authorities believe that that the combination of the two fueled the flames of this attack.

Although they did not have official ties to ISIS, Malik had publicly declared her loyalty to the group during the attack, as well as posted a pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, on Facebook. Yet it cannot be confirmed if their attack was linked directly with ISIS, who normally would call those who act out on their behalf “knights” or “soldiers”, but in this instance, they only hailed them as “supporters”.

With this occurrence, President Obama made an address to the nation yet again, discussing the issues of gun violence in America and the problems of terrorism that the radical group known as ISIS has created in the U.S. and the world. He stated that Americans should not be fearful, and that the U.S. and its armed forces are preparing for whatever comes next, similar to what the President stated with the attacks in Paris weeks ago.

With shootings becoming a common issue in the United States, many wonder if there is any plan to combat the issue. Democrats are fixated on their campaign on gun control while Republicans continue to push the issues of radical religious groups. With no clear compromise between the two, it is unsure how the country will rebound from this event.