Attacks Shake France

As the French turn their lights out, monuments worldwide are illuminated in support following the attacks in Paris.

Tragedy struck France on Friday night as a total of six coordinated and deadly terrorist attacks were unleashed onto the city of Paris, leaving over 200 injured and 153 dead.

Armed with AK-47s, suicide vests, and other deadly weapons, a total of 15 attackers terrorized areas inside and around the outer parts of Paris. Specific areas include the Bataclan concert hall, where an American band was performing, and was the deadliest of all the locations, as 112 victims were killed within the walls. Witnesses claimed to hear the terrorists mention Iraq and Syria as well as speaking in French.

Another location was the Saint-Denis stadium, where the French and German soccer teams were competing in a soccer game. Many began to hear explosions just outside the walls of the stadium. Authorities had fans move from their seats to the field and the French president, Francois Hollande, was evacuated from the stadium following the bombings.

Following his evacuation, Hollande immediately declared a state of emergency and closed off all of the French borders, which is something that has not occurred since World War II. He then addressed the public on the situation and stated to multiple news reporters, “When terrorists are capable of doing such horrible things, there will be a France determined, a united France and a France who will not allow itself to cave even if today it expresses a deep sorrow in the face of this tragedy which is an abomination because these are barbaric acts.”

Other attacks sprang up across Paris and police immediately took action to end the threat to the public safety. After hours of patrolling, the French police force believes they have neutralized all the attackers involved in the incidents throughout the night.

Although no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris, news analysts and police officials believe that ISIS or Al-Qaeda is guilty of these crimes. Witness details and other reports only confirm their suspicions, however, authorities are still waiting for an official claim.

With the death count already very high, and many French officials believing that it will continue to rise, the citizens of France mourn the victims of this terrible tragedy. People from across the world have sent their thoughts and prayers through social media and President Obama has sent his condolences, stating that this is an attack on not just France, but “on all of humanity.”

The BlueXpress will continue to update viewers on the situation as more information is released.