The Adventures of Indoor TrackPhoto by Nate Shelburne

The Adventures of Indoor Track

This year, Millbrook’s Indoor Track team has become an actual sport, meaning that the members are able to participate in more competitions.  There are

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This year, Millbrook’s Indoor Track team has become an actual sport, meaning that the members are able to participate in more competitions.  There are multiple members on the team including junior Ava Derrick who has been involved since her freshman year.  According to Ava, there are less people in indoor track compared to outdoor track.  “So there’s more focus on helping you improve individually. There are always a lot of athletes there from schools all over Virginia so events last longer than in outdoor track. Since I’m only in 2 to 3 events I have a lot of down time to eat or do my homework. It’s always a lot of fun spending time with my teammates.”  Her goal this year is to, “make regionals, jump over 16 feet for long jump, and over 34 feet for triple jump.”

Skylar Jackson has also been participating in indoor track since he was a freshman.  He believes that this year has been better than previous seasons because of indoor track becoming an official sport at Millbrook.  He says that indoor track helps keep him in shape when preparing for outdoor track in the spring.  His goal this season is to, “get a better time on my two mile.”  Another junior Dylan Wallace has been a part of the team since he was a sophomore.  “This year I have gathered more experience and I feel like I’ve become a better athlete because of that experience.”  He says that no matter how long he has done it, he still gets nervous at a meet.  “It’s still a meet and you want to do well.”  His goal this season is to break 5 on the mile and break 10:20 on the two mile.

This is junior Keona Robinson’s first year on the team, but she has been involved with the outdoor track team for two years.  She describes indoor track as the smaller version of outdoor track.  “It’s also the course so that people who are doing  winter sports can do outdoor track later on. You still get to compete, it’s just not that many more than outdoor.”  In practice, all the individual groups come together, such as distance, sprints, hurdles, and jumps.  “We do warm-ups just to warm up our legs, we split off into our own groups, and then the coaches will tell us what to do. Some groups go outside to run some laps, more stretching, do workouts, and focus on jumping or the area we are in.”  When it comes to the different locations of the meets, it depends on what type of meet there is.  There are Polar Bear meets, which are outside and can be in exceedingly cold weather.  “All we want to do is be warm.  It’s really hard to adjust to those.”  She states that meets are easier inside and is easier to accommodate to the setting.  “Liberty University is really great school for track because the indoor track is very pretty and  there’s a bunch of teams just lying around so it feels like you’re really there with your track team because you are so close together.”  Her goal for this season is to improve on her triple jump and her speed in the 55 meter.