The Amazon Drone Mothership

Amazon is working on their new “Airborne Fulfillment Center” AKA their plan for a flying warehouse airship. Think of it as a giant blimp hovering thousands of feet in the air with drones flying in and out of it. The ‘AFC’ would be used as a resupply depot for the Amazon drone delivery service in which the drones can refuel/recharge after delivering a package and prepare for their next delivery, as well as storage for fleets of drones ready to deploy. This ‘mothership’ would be flying at about 45,000 ft in the air and the drones would need to be taken up to it by smaller airships. The smaller airships would also be used to restock and refuel the ‘mothership’ so that it can stay airborne indefinitely.

Amazon has also noted that the AFC could be used as a giant flying billboard by lowering it to 2,000 ft for advertising. This advertising could also be done with the smaller airships. Another thing the AFC could do is move from areas where demand is low and the weather conditions are poor to areas with high demand and better weather conditions.

So what does this mean? It means that giant drone warehouses could be seen in our skies very soon. Just make sure not to damage any of the drones; Don’t want to make the mothership angry!

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