The Clinton 12

The Clinton 12 all started with the Brown vs. the Board of Education, when the government forced twelve black teenage students go to a desegregated public school, Clinton High School, located in Tennessee.

The Clinton 12 included Maurice Soles, Anna Theresser Caswell, Alfred Williams, Regina Turner Smith, William R. Latham, Gail Ann Epps Upton, Ronald Gordon “Poochie” Hayden, JoAnn Crozier, Allen Boyce, Robert Thacker, Bobby Cain, Minnie Ann Dickey Jones, and Alvah McSwain. They walked together as a group to Clinton High School for protection. Their original school was  Green McAdoo School for African Americans. These 12 teenagers were very brave and an inspiration to many people in their community. People lined up and threw stuff at them and said horrible stuff as they walked by. For their accomplishment, they added in an individual life sized bronze statue for their legacy for graduating a public school.