The Donnas say


Donna Doyle and Donna Heartly


What do you do here at Millbrook?

DD: I am the cafeteria manager and she is my assistant.  

DH: That’s right.


What is it like cooking here compared to at home?

DD: Quantity. At home I cook for me, my husband and daughter. Here I cook for like 9,000 kids.

DH: Same thing but I cook for two vs 1400.


Does your family like your cooking?

DD: Yes, and hopefully the kids like it too.

DH: Yes.


Do you feel that the kitchen should get a bigger budget to buy food or add to the menu?

DD: No, I think we do well with what we have to work with.

DH: I agree.


What do you think when people say the school food is nasty?

DD: It hurts my feeling. I take a lot of pride in what I do here and I feel like I go above and beyond  for the students.

DH: That too and sometimes it make you feel like the students are unappreciative of what we do. Then there are some student that come though and they enjoy the meals and that gives you the satisfaction that you’re doing your job.

DD: And I think that they have no idea what is entailed to come and work and do what we do, but I love my job and I love what I do.

DH: I love my job too. Well, I wouldn’t say love. I like my job.


What is your favorite meal to cook?

DD: I don’t know. I like them all. The kids really like the MHS bowls.

DH: That seems to be their favorite.

DD:  Yes, and they like the holiday meal.

DH: They get free cookies and cupcakes which they usually don’t get.

What is your least favorite meal cook?

DH: Chicken salad!

DD: Fish Taco! That is my least favorite.


What do you think needs to be improved in the kitchen?

DD: What needs to be improved?

DH: Everything works efficiently. We’ve got a great group of ladies that work well together and besides the breakdown of the dishwashing machine, we run pretty efficiently.


What is the food “share” bowl?

DD: The food bowl is where kids put food they don’t want. Since we are required to give the student a fruit and I know some of them don’t eat it, we put the bowl out so they can put it there and another kid can get some if they can’t get a meal.

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Tiffany Eastridge
Tiffany Marie Becker Eastridge is an 18 year old senior at Millbrook High School. She has one best friend, Haley, and they have been best friends since fourth grade. Tiffany loves to read teen fiction books and watch anime, movies and tv shows.