The Flow: PlumeLabs’ Portable Pollution Tracker

The French company known as Plume Labs has created a lightweight, wearable device that can track the quality of the air around you. This new device, called the ‘Flow’, will help users be able to avoid air that has been polluted as well as tracking the pollution levels of the air in the areas the user frequently visits.   

The Flow works indoors as well as outdoors and can be clipped on to bags, bicycles, and clothing easily. The Flow connects to an app that can give you pollution reports for nearby areas and can also give you current and past feedback and pollution level alerts without the use of the app by using the 12 color LEDs located around the touch button on the device. The Flow is capable of tracking gas levels, particulate matter (such as dust, pollen, smog, liquid droplets, etc.), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) along with being able to track temperature and humidity.   

Plume Labs could build live maps of the pollution levels of cities if the number of users is high enough to span the area, with the live map’s accuracy increasing with the number of users. Preorders will start this spring with the final product being delivered “later in 2017”. Hopefully they don’t price it too high and instead make it affordable for average consumers.  


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