The Lego Batman Movie Review

On February 10, 2017, Warner Brothers released the best DC film in five years. This movie is unlike previous films in the universe, it simply pokes fun at the franchise as well as its predecessors. The Lego Batman Movie is not a blatant cash grab like most of the other DC films, this movie has a widely developed story, lovable characters, and hilarious jokes that appeal to all ages.

Following the huge success of the Lego Movie, The Lego Batman Movie follows the caped crusader alongside his adventures in Gotham City. When Batman is not out saving the city he is spending his time alone in his mansion feeling unfulfilled. His butler, Alfred, lectures him about the importance of family and that maybe he should consider adopting an orphan so that he can become the father he never really had. Alfred then introduces Batman to Dick Grayson who would later become the legendary sidekick known as Robin.

I am not typically a fan of animated kid’s movies, however, this movie is absolutely amazing. I found myself as well as others laughing throughout the whole film. The animation in The Lego Batman Movie improved drastically from its previous film, The Lego Movie. The voice acting was well executed with a stellar cast that ranged from Will Arnett to Zach Galifianakis. Overall, this is a stupendous movie that does not fall in line with the average animated film.

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