The Lightning Thief Musical

With the tremendous fail of the Percy Jackson movies, many thought it was the end of the beyond book adaptations of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, but it’s not. The book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief has been adapted into an off-Broadway musical. The musical premieres on March 23 at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in Manhattan and tickets can be purchased for $65 at

There is a mass confusion on whether or not to be excited for the musical because the movies really were terrible. Many fans aren’t sure if they trust another adaptation of the books. The first cause of concern for many people is Chris McCarrel, the actor who plays Percy. Chris is 26 and one of the major things that was wrong with the movie is that Percy was made much older than he was in the books. Many believe that Chris McCarrel will do well as long as he acts Percy as a child instead of a teenager or an adult.

Rick Riordan seems to be on board as he promoted the show on his social media, allowing his fans to get a first listen of the song Good Kid from the musical. As we all know Rick Riordan is very vocal about his hatred for the movies so if the musical isn’t any good, fans will be sure to hear about it.
Since the author of the book looks to be excited, it seems wrong not to at least give the musical a chance. Good Kid is a great song and seems to be relevant to the book, and personally, I hope the musical is a success.

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