The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury Review

The Martian Chronicles written by Ray Bradbury was published in 1950 as a series of short stories. The Martian Chronicles features a series of expeditions to Mars and eventually the colonization of the planet. Bradbury’s stories are intriguing and get readers thinking about life and messages of the book.

The Martian Chronicles tied together 28 great stories making a novel that’s easy to follow but still feels like individual stories. Not all the stories need to be read in order or read together in order to be enjoyed, but it does bring about some suspense and some stories may make more sense.

Bradbury’s novel is a classic and highly recommended for anyone looking for a quick read.

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Gwen Zirkle
Gwen Zirkle is the Junior Editor at the BluXpress. She works in the videography department writing scripts, being in videos, and making sure everyone is on task; and as a writer writing reviews and articles. She plans to be an author and go to college for her English major.