The PAL-V Liberty: “The First Commercial Flying Car Ever”

The Dutch company PALV has created the first commercial flying car ever”, named the Liberty, and are now accepting preorders for the vehicle with different order packages available. The Liberty is a 3wheeled car with a topmounted retractable rotor used for flying. Prices start at $400,000 not including tax and that’s just the base model.

Payments aren’t necessarily up front. The company is offering an alternative form of payment via an upfront deposit of a smaller amount with the smallest deposit being $10,000.

The PALV Liberty has a top speed of approximately 100 MPH on the ground, reaching 60 MPH in approximately 9 seconds, and a 112 MPH top speed while airborne. It has a fuel efficiency of 31 MPG and can drive a distance of about 817 miles on a full tank, but when airborne can only fly for about a distance of 310 miles on a full tank.

The PALV Liberty will be delivered by the end of 2018 to all those who preordered.

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