The Popping Powderpuff Palooza

The Powderpuff game held on October 8th had an outstanding turnout, with around 480 attendees. This is the largest crowd Millbrook has seen for the Powderpuff game since the tradition started. The great weather and support and spirit of the school helped accomplish this wonderful turnout.

The 30 students running the event learned how to be well prepared for anything thrown at them. The advanced sports classes put on the show and gained some experience in the process. Mr. Pendleton allowed the students to take over and said, “It can only be as good as they make it.”

The game did end up being dominated by the Senior class of 2016, but with a total of 50 players, all the girls enjoyed the competition.

The Millbrook Pioneer Athletic Association commented on the great turnout they had in the concessions and are very proud of the tremendous support they received on Thursday.
The football team got to tailgate before the game, which is something they are not accustomed to. They enjoyed great food, corn hole, and some great music to complete the night.