The PowerRay Aquatic Drone

The global technology company known as PowerVision has created an aquatic drone, the PowerRay, capable of recording videos and taking pictures underwater as well as helping find and lure fish. The PowerRay connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and sends all the information the drone receives to the user by using the PowerRay’s Android or iOS app.   

The PowerRay has a battery life of 4 hours, 1080p Real Time streaming, can record 30FPS video and take pictures with its 4K 100-degree wide angle lens camera and can dive at depths of up to 30 meters underwater. The PowerRay comes with multiple attachments, including a “Fishfinder” sonar device (the sonar device also has a battery life of 4 hours) which can detect fish that are up to 40 meters below it, as well as providing a scan of the underwater landscape, all viewable through the smartphone app. It also comes with a bait attachment which can be used to drop bait in specific areas, as well as a light that emits a blue glow used to interest fish into approaching the PowerRay.   

What is probably the most interesting feature of the PowerRay is that you can see what the camera sees through the use of a VR headset/device. The PowerVision VR Goggles have the capability to move the camera with the user’s head by recognizing gravity and gestures, providing the user with an immersive underwater experience without the need for diving gear. The PowerRay’s price is currently unknown but by the prices of PowerVision’s other products, the PowerRay will be well over $1,000.   

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