The Scholastic Bowl

The Scholastic Bowl

The VHSL Scholastic Bowl is a competition that involves knowledge of trivia and subjects such as math, English, science, and social studies. The match

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The VHSL Scholastic Bowl is a competition that involves knowledge of trivia and subjects such as math, English, science, and social studies. The matches usually involve a set of buzzers to push when a team member answers the question. The head coach Mr. Copenhaver and assistant coach Ms. Harrison were excited to see how members would perform in an actual competition outside of practice. “It would be a good chance to see where those new students are in terms of their knowledge,” said Copenhaver. Mr. Copenhaver has been a coach for the Scholastic Bowl at Millbrook since it’s opening and was a coach for James Wood for 8 years.  In his senior year of high school he was involved in VACE (Virginia Academic Competition for Excellence). “That was set up to where they had certain teams, so I was on the math team. I was on the all-around team as well.” This is what got him interested in coaching for the Scholastic Bowl.

Ms. Harrison has been an assistant coach for about 4 years. What she loves about coaching is how the students work. “Some of the smart people are not necessarily as good at trivia, and some people just have a knack for remembering things like that,” she said. She thought it was interesting how the members are able to remember trivia. In practice, the coaches use different tactics to help the members. “One of the things we do is at the beginning of practices, we have the students do some research and create,” said Ms. Harrison. They also look through topics and give out study guides to work on. “We also do mock matches, where we will pretend that we are doing our challenges,” she said.

One teammate is freshman Meghan McAndrew, who has been involved since late October. The most challenging part of the team for her is keeping up with older members because “they know more things than me and I don’t understand a lot of the questions they do.”  Two of her favorite categories are art and history, with history being her strongest. She describes her time as a member as a learning experience. “I think being on the team expands my knowledge, and it also helps me to be more group oriented instead of just focusing on my success.”

Alex Stone is a junior and has been a member since his sophomore year. He says there is not an exact challenge, but “the most difficult part would be trying to prepare yourself because it’s such a broad spectrum of things you should know.” His strongest subjects are mostly literature, film, and a bit of history. Being on the team has helped him broaden his perspectives on certain topics. “It forces me to study things I wouldn’t normally study.  For the past three days I’ve been studying exclusively art history and classical music.” For the match, he said he was interested in how the opposing team Sherando will play.  “A number of their seniors left and that was the majority of who we played last year, so it will be interesting to see how they perform.”

On Thursday, Millbrook held their first match at home against Sherando. Sherando scored the victory, but the next match will be held at Millbrook against Fauquier on Monday, November 20 at 5:30.