The Vape Craze

The Vape Craze

Smoking cigarettes has been a heavily debated topic for years. We know it’s unhealthy, but that doesn’t stop people from smoking, and even when sm

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A man shows off the amount of smoke that can come out a vape pen– and in public.

Smoking cigarettes has been a heavily debated topic for years. We know it’s unhealthy, but that doesn’t stop people from smoking, and even when smokers attempt quit, it can be extremely difficult. That’s where Electronic Cigarettes and Vaporizers come in. Their target audience was smokers who were trying to quit, but still needed the nicotine intake or the satisfaction of smoking something, but just how far has “vaping” gone? Is the craze getting a little out of hand?

The idea of Electronic Cigarettes (or E-Cigs for short) has been around since the late 1960’s, but they didn’t really become an official popular consumer item until recent years.

According to Planet of The Vapes Wiki page, “Electronic Cigarettes are an alternative delivery system to obtain nicotine, while, according to the American Cancer Society, avoiding 7000+ other chemicals in traditional cigarettes. A simple battery powered device, heats a small metal coil, your Atomiser, which in turn heats up a nicotine infused E-Liquid. When the E-Liquid is heated, it creates a relatively safe vapor that you can then inhale and exhale. This motion simulates the use of regular cigarettes.”


The variety of vape pens.

Now, if you had trouble understanding that definition, I can make it less confusing. Electronic Cigarettes and Personal Vaporizers (also known as Vapes) are mobile devices that can be used to smoke liquid as an alternative to tobacco from cigarettes. The smoke from these vaporizers doesn’t linger like cigarette smoke, and it comes in massive amounts of flavors that substitute the taste and smell of a cigarette. These devices can contain nicotine, but you can buy flavors and juices that are nicotine free. The only differences between Electronic Cigarettes and Vapes are minor, like size, battery placement, general appearance, etc.

So we know what vaping is, and we know that the idea of vaping has good intentions, but it’s increasing popularity may not be so helpful after all. The vape craze is impacting a younger generation that it wasn’t intended for in the first place. To purchase a vape, you have to be 18 years or older, but that hasn’t stopped minors from getting their hands on them, much like cigarettes and alcohol, but there’s not much that can be done about that.

Vaping is becoming such a common thing, that I can walk down the street in town and see people publicly doing it. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that a lot of these people could easily be teenagers, and it would be hard to tell. This could easily worry parents who are fearful for their children or something like that. Also, it’s illegal, which can open up an array of consequences.

Since vapes often contain nicotine, young adults shouldn’t be using them anyway. Nicotine is the addictive ingredient in tobacco, it provides a buzz or a small high to the user, but in return, it constricts blood vessels, increases blood pressure, and can raise blood fat levels. Having this addictive formula in E-cigs and vapes, which are everywhere now, is not a good sign for people who weren’t smokers to begin with; because if you’re smoking the addictive ingredient in cigarettes, it can “prep your body” for actually smoking cigarettes, or at least influence you to on a mental level because you enjoy the small high you feel.

So is vaping a solid idea or is not worth the purchase? This is what I think. Vapes were developed for smokers that want to quit, and that’s definitely a good thing. Even though vapes aren’t proven to be completely safe, they are proven to be safer than cigarettes, and if you need to quit, smoking electronically is a good way to go. Otherwise, it’s not the best idea. The constant need to replace batteries and E-liquid will make your wallets a lot lighter than they need to be, and if you think about it, you’d be throwing money away just to make smoke out of some flavored juice, which is kind of pointless in itself.