The Votes Have Been Counted

The Votes Have Been Counted

I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing that the 2016 election is the “end of America” or other derogatory terms. For everyone that is upset about D

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I am absolutely sick and tired of hearing that the 2016 election is the “end of America” or other derogatory terms. For everyone that is upset about Donald Trump being elected President instead of Hillary Clinton, who would have been the first woman President, there were numerous women and other minorities elected into offices across the country. America is still the land of diversity, representation, and freedom. The Republican majorities in the House of Representatives and Senate are not sitting idly, waiting to take the rights of minorities; instead, they are eager to implement a new plan to reform the economy and better national security for a new, confident American future. Donald Trump may have ideas of his own, but he must go through Congress first.

Our Congressional race was between two strong women candidates, Barbara Comstock (R)  and LuAnn Bennett (D). Comstock and Bennett battled intensely for the Congressional seat. Barbara Comstock won with 6% over Bennett. Two women vying for a key seat in the House of Representatives is historic because it demonstrates how far we have come as a country.  Though Barbara Comstock is a Republican, she fights for the issues that matter most for her constituents. She is not going to conform to every idea that Donald Trump proposes to Congress; she will do what is best for us. She has already demonstrated that she is willing to put partisan politics aside with her legislation to combat Human Trafficking. Comstock has also created a non-partisan Young Women’s Leadership Program to bring young women across the district closer to  successful women leaders from multiple career fields.

In other states, many women from minority groups were elected into office. Catherine Cortez Masto from Nevada is the first Latina Senator to be elected in United States’ history. Senator-elect Cortez Masto is also a former Nevada attorney general. Kamala Harris, another former attorney general from California, is the first Indian- American and second African American woman to serve in the Senate. Stephanie Murphy, from Florida, is the first Vietnamese – American woman to hold a seat in Congress. She is immigrated to the United States’ when she was only a year old. Oregon elected the first openly LGBTIA+ plus governor, Kate Brown. IIhan Omar is the first Somali- American Muslim female legislator in the United States. IIhan escaped the Somali civil war and left a refugee camp before coming to the country. Pramila Jayapal is the first Indian-American woman to hold a seat in the House of Representatives. To create a functioning government, where everyone is represented, we need people of all ethnic groups, genders, and sexualities. As a conservative, I am very excited for the Congressional and Senate majority and surge of State legislature being Republican, but I believe it is extremely important to hear both parties’ opinions to develop a complete and correct solution to problems facing the United States. I want my Conservative idols to fight and protect our Constitution and liberties while being willing work with Democrats too. Overcoming the fear of working across the aisle will bring success to Washington.

The Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate, specifically House Republicans, have developed a new plan to reform tax codes, health care, and better national security while enforcing the Constitution. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wi) is waiting to present his new plan, A Better Way. A Better Way will consolidate our tax brackets down to three brackets. ABW will make it easier for Middle Class families to file their taxes; therefore, they will not have to pay a professional or for computer software to do it for them. Additionally simplification of the tax code will allow for families to manage and spend money more cost effectively for college education. The IRS is planned to be made smaller in the ABW plan. It will be made into three units to deal with different taxes: family & individual, business, and a department to resolve small claims disputes. The commissioner of the IRS will have new term limits.  With these reductions, the IRS will be kept out of politics and be forced to work with the American taxpayer, not against them.

Job growth and opportunity will expand for Americans because small business and “American made product” taxes will be cut. ABW ensures that Americans will be able to choose their health care and stay out of bureaucratic red tape. Medicaid will be brought to 21st century standards. Development and research into 21st century cures will be accelerated under ABW too.  Families or individuals with pre-existing conditions are protected from being turned away from insurance or having their insurance taken from them under ABW. Children will be able to stay on their parents’ health insurance until the age of 26; therefore, protecting the coverage of young people. ABW protects and encourages your right as an American to choose where and how you receive your insurance through tax benefits and cuts. ABW brings energy jobs and innovation to the American economy, promotes small business, and protects free use of the internet.  

Student interests are promoted through the program  because it’s ending rules and regulations that raise costs and discourage academic freedom of choosing where to go to college. The program defends freedom by keep terrorists out through strengthening the military and spreading free market trade. For more information on how A Better Way will better America: go to

America was founded on the principles of keeping a Tyrant or King out of control of the government. Donald Trump  is prevented by Constitutional law to do what he wishes, unlike what many believe. He must go through the checks and balances system set up through the other two branches of government. Not all Republicans in the House of Representatives or the Senate are going to approve or create what President-elect Trump wants. Although Republicans hold the majority, it does not mean that his agenda will be approved completely through Congress. Republicans value small government and the Constitution of the United States; therefore, they will be constantly ensuring that those values are fought for. Republicans that campaigned across the country for their seats campaigned with what they will fight for, not what Donald Trump will fight for. America was founded with the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights insures your fundamental rights as an American. Whoever is president can never take those rights away from you. As Thomas Jefferson said: A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.

Checks and balances in collaboration with separation of power among three branches of government is instilled in the foundation of America. The Constitution is the supreme governing document over all three branches and over all citizens. Citizens have the right to rebel when the government loses its purpose, as established in the Constitution, but in no way has President-elect Trump come close to enacting any laws that could call for rebellion. If you want political change, go walk down sidewalks and knock on doors, but change will not occur by running down streets and smashing in windows.