Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok Review

On November 3, the third installment of the Thor films Thor: Ragnarok made its release. Thor: Ragnarok was directed by Taika Waititi and written by Er

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On November 3, the third installment of the Thor films Thor: Ragnarok made its release. Thor: Ragnarok was directed by Taika Waititi and written by Eric Pearson, Craig Kyle, and Christopher Yost.  The film is an action/comedy that gives a more colorful and humorous approach in the Thor franchise.  It focused more on Norse history of the Valkyrie, the female helpers of Odin, and introduced new characters that brought laughter and fear.  The villain, Hela, the goddess of death, brought an interesting perspective of a female villain in Marvel and was performed perfectly by Oscar winner Cate Blanchett.   Another villain that was featured in the trailers was Surtur, a demon that was set to destroy Asgard.  The trailer shot showed Hulk jumping to attack a fully grown Surtur, which had fans excited for his appearance.  It was a bit disappointing for him to show up twice throughout the two hour film.  It would have been very entertaining if there had been more history on Surtur and his purpose.  

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fights to save Asgard only to find himself imprisoned by the Grandmaster, played by Jurassic Park’s Jeff Goldblum on the planet Sakaar.  The Grandmaster provides a comic relief for the film with his witty behavior and the mispronunciation of Thor’s title.  He puts Thor in his Contest of Champions with him fighting against the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). This is what starts the “Revengers” and the fight to save Asgard.

With every Marvel film, there is always one or two characters that provide a comedic relief or added more to the story.  A new character introduced was Korg, voiced by the film’s director Taika Waititi, a rock creature who befriends Thor on the planet Sakaar before he is put in the arena. Though he was a smaller character in the story, he still left an impact with his caring of the other contenders, especially his friend Miek.  Another character introduced was Valkyrie, one of the Scrappers who took Thor to be a contender in the Contest of Champions.  We first see her as a stubborn fighter.  She added more background of Norse mythology as well as her relation to the main villain.  Valkyrie gives a certain spark to the story with her bravery and attitude.  This makes her a strong female character in the Marvel universe and would be considerable in future films.  

In some Marvel films, there are cameos of several Marvel characters in other heroes’ movies or sometimes the television shows.  It was announced that Doctor Strange would make an appearance in Ragnarok after the post credit scene between him and Thor in the 2016 film Doctor Strange.  This was exciting to think about Doctor Strange fighting alongside Thor and Hulk. But alas, his appearance was just one scene when Thor tries to find his father and Loki.  It could have added more to the plot having the sorcerer around a bit longer.

What attracted me most to the film was the colorful setting and the 1970’s Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (which was in the teaser trailer).  The theme of the film was very close to another Marvel franchise Guardians of the Galaxy.  The humor and color setting made it feel like the Guardians were going to pop out at any second.  Is it just the director’s preference?  Or is it a possible reference to Thor and the Guardians meeting in the future?  Otherwise, this is what made Ragnarok different from the past two Thor films.  In the past, there was more of a darker tone in the plot and also involved the main love interest Jane, played by Natalie Portman.  Jane did not show in the film, which made it slightly better than the past films.  Thor has one goal in mind: saving his home and people.  While Jane was a smart character and was played well by Portman, there was no perfect place for her character in the plot.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok is probably one of the best Marvel movies so far.  It has so many different elements that fit with Thor’s character and story.  Loki had more of a character development from a villain to a brother to Thor.  Valkyrie was a strong female heroine and would be fantastic in future Marvel films.  Hela provided an evil female villain element, but could have had more of a motive.  The same could be said for Surtur, who could have had a better background and role in the plot.  The story is one of the stepping stones leading to the long-awaited Infinity War and is very entertaining for Marvel fans of all ages.


Rating: 9.6/10