Three Cheers for Cheer

Competition cheer is back and it’s better than ever. There are twenty three spirit leaders for Millbrook this year, nineteen of them competing on the mat. Coach Jones is looking forward to this year with new and returning girls. They practice every day after school, except for Friday when they have their Varsity football game to attend. Coach Jones and the team are most looking forward to getting another shot at the state competition. Last year they only made it to regionals, but they have worked hard to improve their skills and routine.

Their first competition is on September 24 in Harrisonburg. This meet will give the cheerleaders a chance to see other teams compete and get a feel for what is expected of them on the high school level. To prepare for this competition, the cheerleaders have been working on goals. Coach Jones stated, “Each girl has their own individual goals… and then within their stunt groups, they have stunt group goals, and then as a team, we have a whole team goal.” Goals are the key to the team prospering and becoming better.

Students at Millbrook saw the cheerleaders’ competition routine at last year’s pep rally, and the team is hoping to be able to perform at the pep rally again this year. The most important thing for cheerleaders is spirit. They encourage students at Millbrook to get involved. Coach Jones also encourages students to support their school, “Come to the games, get in the loud crowd, yell with us, cheer with us, it makes going to high school a whole better experience when you get involved.” Whether it’s being a part of the loud crowd at football games or cheering on your classmates on the basketball court, supporting your school makes the high school experience that much more exciting. Hopefully the competition cheerleaders win their first competition and have a great season this year.

About the Author

Rachel Hayes
This is Rachel's first year in journalism as a writer. She is a junior and enjoys watching or playing sports.