Through the Decades Playlist of the Week

1:Crazy Blues By:Mamie Smith (1920)

2:Begin the Beguine By: Artie Shaw (1938)

3:When You Wish Upon a Star By: Cliff Edwards, Paul Smith and Disney Studio Chorus (1940)

4:Hound Dog By: Elvis Presley (1956)

5:I Want to Hold Your Hand By:The Beatles (1963)

6:Dancing Queen By:Abba (1975)

7:Billie Jean By:Michael Jackson (1982)

8:I Will Always Love You By:Whitney Houston (1992)

9:Hey There Delilah By:Plain White T’s (2005)

10:Counting Stars By:OneRepublic (2013)


When a song is released some people think it will only be relevant for that period of time but they are wrong. As time progresses it could make a song bigger than what it was when it originally came out. These ten songs are a part of that group of decade-defining songs that are still played in homes today. It was hard to pick the select few because there are so many songs from each decade that bring back good and sometimes even bad memories to listeners. We here at the BlueXpress hope that the listeners enjoy the picks and if anyone has any ideas or song recommendations for a future playlist come by room 449 or just tell BlueXpress Staff members Emily Keller or Anna Fox.


Playlist Made By: Anna Fox and Emily Keller

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Emily Keller
Emily is a 11th grader. She loves to listen to music in her free time.