Tiger Town or Roll Tide?

On January 11, Clemson and Alabama will battle it out for the College Football Championship title. Many are on the edge of their seats about who may win. The game will be held in Arizona at the University of Phoenix, and kickoff will be 8:30 pm. Clemson is 14-0 and ranked #1, while Alabama is ranked #2 with a 13-1 season so far.

Many people ponder who may win tonight, based off who the teams have previously played. Clemson, who is in the ACC with a perfect record are doubted by Alabama fans due to their easier conference. Alabama fans also argue that a tide may be coming, and it’s called Derrick Henry.

Clemson has a lot of support worldwide, simply due to their perfect regular season record. Clemson coach, Dabo Swinney won a National Championship title with the Tide in the 1982 season as a receiver. Swinney then coached the receivers at Alabama until 2001 and is now the current Clemson coach. With Alabama roots in his blood, many question whether that will give him motivation to demolish the Tide or leave a mark in his mind throughout the game.

Be sure to tune in at 8:30 pm to see which team steps away with the title!