Timbrook Toy and Food Drive

Timbrook Toy and Food Drive

Some students ring bells for community service hours, meanwhile juniors Ricky Timbrook, Patrick Northrup, and Paul Blanco are leading the 17th Annual

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Some students ring bells for community service hours, meanwhile juniors Ricky Timbrook, Patrick Northrup, and Paul Blanco are leading the 17th Annual Timbrook Toy and Food Drive to give back to the community.

The project, supported by DECA and led by the three junior boys, was established seventeen years ago in memory of Timbrook’s father, who was a fallen police officer. The inspiration for the project came from this, and, according to Northrup, “We were just thinking about what we could do for our DECA project this year and this idea came up, and we thought it was not only a good idea for a DECA project but also just a really nice thing to help out with.” The boys said that they were able to work well together, and Blanco called the experience “really fun” to be able to work together with his best friends. Northrup said, “We’ve just been getting together to organize the events and discuss different ways we can expand the project and new creative ways to make more kids and members of the community want to donate to the project.” The three boys were also able to get their whole DECA chapter involved and got significant help from the Millbrook community and the Winchester Police Department. They were also able to get several clubs involved in the fundraiser, including NHS, as well as several teachers. What makes it a DECA project is that the boys have to write a thirty page paper and present the project to judges, according to Mr. Pendleton.

The goal of the project is to collect enough new toys and canned nonperishable foods to donate to fifty families, ten more than they did last year Timbrook explained. “We’re trying to expand our project by ten families, because normally we do forty families every year and we want to get up to fifty.” He also said that they have already reached their goal, but they will still be collecting toys and food until Friday, December 9,  however Blanco believed that they were in the range of providing to forty families. Northrup believed that this has been their most successful year and that they will likely exceed the number of families they’ve reached in the past by “ten to fifteen families. Which is really good.” He and Blanco are also looking forward to going out into the community to distribute the toys and food this Saturday, December 10. Northrup said, “Each family gets a very significant amount of food and toys for the Christmas season.”

There is still time to donate to the project and in turn provide new toys and food to local underprivileged families. The donation buckets can be found in Ms. Keeler’s room 439, Mr. Pendleton’s room 318, Mr. Hammer’s room 515, and Ms. Kaminiski’s room 513, as well as in the commons, library, and the office. Mr. Pendleton, who teaches all three boys and is holding a separate fundraiser for Key Club, said, “They do most of the work, we just help them organize it.”

Have you donated to the Timbrook Toy and Food Drive yet?