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Town of Salem is a great, multi platform, online multiplayer strategy party game created by BlankMediaGames. A full game of Town of Salem consists of 15 players. Those 15 players make a fake name and are put into 3 different groups: Town, Mafia, and Neutrals. Each group must make relations fit to their win goal in order to make sure their group wins.

Town of Salem is modeled off of the party game Mafia also known as Werewolf in Russia. Werewolf is a party game made by Dmitry Davidoff in 1986 to model a conflict between the informed minority, the Mafia, and the uninformed majority, the Innocents. Town of Salem extends off the basic two teams and adds another team called the Neutrals.

With the extension of the Neutrals, it adds more strategy making the players make more relations to help their team win. Town of Salem is a great strategy game because it makes you find people you can win with and make a team with them while also trying to keep yourself off the radar and alive.

One problem players have with the game is how balanced it is. BlankMediaGames is working to make the game more balanced with new updates and mechanics but the progress is slow. They have rolled out the 1.5.0 patch update which fixed a lot of unbalanced game mechanics which players were very thankful for.

Graphics were not the main focus point for BlankMediaGames so they went for a nice, cartoony artstyle, and animations. The main focus was the strategy and the teamwork that is used to win the game. With the nonlinear gameplay, the community is always coming up with new strategies for different roles to make the game interesting and not repetitive.

With its multi strategy gameplay and simple design, Town of Salem is a great, well balanced, multiplayer strategy game with an incredible growing community.

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