Track Forecast for 2015 Season

Coach Shirk

As spring sports slowly make their start this year, many athletes and coaches are anxious to kick off the new season as the snow has finally melted away and the weather begins to warm up. Head Coach Kevin Shirk, who coaches the distance runners, and Coach Gordon Greer, who coaches the discus and shot put throwers, are both extremely excited with the outlook of the upcoming season.

Shirk explains that his excitement for the season is mainly due to the fact that many athletes from last season have returned to the track team and are looking better than ever. “There are many key returners we have this year who all held class records last year, like AJ Brandon, Tyler Cox-Phillyaw, Alec Schrank and Tyler Russell,” Shirk stated. He also has high hopes for many girls such as Mia Vandertorn, a jumper, Mackenzie Schrank, an all-state hurdler, and Nadia Diahmane, who Coach Shirk said is “an all-star who is bouncing back.”


Throwing Coach Gordon Greer also has high hopes for Brandon and Russell, as they both hold records in discus and shotput. He also has two girl throwers he predicts to excel this season. “I have high expectations for Kelley Wyatt (a senior discus thrower) and Lindsay Lockhart (a junior discus thrower). I’m expecting Wyatt to qualify for regionals and Lockhart for states,” Greer explained.

When asked about any upcoming freshman that people should keep their eye out for, both coaches agreed that it was too early in the season to tell, as the weather has prevented the team from practicing outside. Regardless, this should not stop people from coming to meets and seeing for themselves the great show of athletes Millbrook’s track team has to offer.