Travel Log: Canadian New Year’s!

The ten hour drive to Markham, Ontario, Canada was, though relatively uneventful, snowier than we were anticipating, which seemed to be the theme for our weekend. We rarely went outside except to walk our dogs, Molly and Eddie, the later of whom belonged to my aunt, who was on a vacation of her own. The two

Eddie (top) & Molly (bottom)

dogs tolerated each other, like how a teenager (Eddie) tolerates a toddler little sibling (Molly).

The defining feature of the weekend was how cold it was. There was at least a foot of snow no matter where we were. My mom even took a picture of me climbing a snow pile in a parking lot. The dogs didn’t like it though. Molly, having short hair, had to wear a sweater whenever she went outside.

On New Year’s Eve, we threw caution to the wind and went to AGO, the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, about an hour away. Toronto was just as I

Me & my mom

remembered it from this time last year: busy and alive. My dad pointed out buildings belonging to the University of Toronto, which was where he went for his undergraduate degree, and I looked at the graffiti on the buildings. My favorite was a twenty foot portrait of the Cat in the Hat spray painting the graffiti next to him.

As soon as we parked our car, my mom and I noticed the signs next to the AGO, advertising a special exhibit that showcased landscapes and featured paintings by
Monet and Van Gogh. We immediately bought tickets. We were not allowed to take photos inside the exhibit, as it was ultra exclusive and the exhibit was only being shown at the AGO and the Musée d’Orsay, in Paris. I was able to buy postcards with the paintings on them and I will be putting them in a scrapbook.

We later went to a fancy dinner with my grandmother and her neighbor. My mom and I got dolled up and my dad and I shared what might have been the best caesar salad we ever had.

I cannot wait to visit again soon, hopefully this coming February and then the following summer!

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Madison Lazenby
Madison Lazenby is a sophomore writer for the BlueXpress. Ask her about her dog, Molly.