Travelog: Arrival In Madrid (Day 1)

Enjoying an early spring trip to Spain, Jacob Aguilar toured the area around the Cybele Palace (City Hall).

Before many of my family’s adventures, there has always been an unexpected problem that always catches us off guard. Our problem was my friend’s mother, Sharon, forgetting I parked my car in her driveway and slamming into the back of it. Not a way most would like to start their extravagant trip, but we just nervously laughed it off and drove off to pick up the other guest on the trip, Keith. The four of us set off for Dulles International to get on a plane to London, and then we had a connecting flight to our destination, Madrid, Spain. This was no ordinary trip. My best friend, Madison, had no clue that I was tagging along with her family.

After months of keeping secrets and dodging the questions, I was finally on my way. Ten hours of flying later, we made our way to the exit of the terminal. With me trailing behind and my hood up to avoid being spotted, I stealthily approached from behind and, after a small tap on the shoulder, our eyes met. We both hugged and pulled away in disbelief that we were both actually seeing each other. After the rejoicing at the airport, we struggled with the navigation in the new country and eventually made our way to the first apartment of six where we would be staying. We dropped off our luggage and prepared to go out for our first taste of Spain; metaphorically and literally.

In the city center, tall buildings rose out of the pavement and bustling natives walked quickly while we were all taken aback after being devoured by the new surroundings. The environment looked dry and warm, but the nipping wind and colder temperatures caught us off guard. We quickly found refuge in a restaurant facing the city center. We were treated with traditional Spanish dishes, Jámon Serrano, a cured ham, and Paella, a rice and seafood dish that was very delicious. Sadly, being tourists, we were taken advantage of on the check and charged 155€. Distasteful and full, we went back to the apartment to rest our jet lagged bodies. We slept and then the next day our adventure of Madrid continued.