True Colors

dressThe hot topic everywhere seems to be ‘what color is this dress’? An internet battle has broken out between many social media sites, such as Twitter and Tumblr, whether the dress is blue and black or white and gold. The dress has even caused a ripple in the celebrity world, as seen by the confusion in Kim Kardashian’s tweet as well as Taylor Swift’s baffled response.

Luckily, a neuroscientist has the answer that could put the debate to rest. In layman’s terms, the human eyes see a certain spectrum of light that is constantly adjusting tKimKo the lighting situation such as daylight and artificial light, much like the white balance of a camera. Because it is not definitive where the light in the photo originates, the brain confuses the shadows and highlights which ultimately cause the split between black-n-bluer’s aTswiftnd white-n-golder’s.

Certain people reject the orange part of the daylight axis spectrum which results in them seeing the dress as blue and black. However those who reject the blue side of the daylight axis tend to see gold and white. Although the dress has been confirmed to be black and blue, that particular photo is all a matter of perspective which is also why some people are able to switch between black/blue to gold/white.