Veteran’s Day Off

Veteran’s Day was on November 11, but there is one question roaming through everyone’s minds: why don’t we ever get the day off on Veteran’s Day? Places like banks, government offices, and post offices close. However, our educational system has other ideas. They decided to leave all schools open on this day and it isn’t like they are forced to keep it open. It is up to the school system to decide if schools will stay open. We should stay home, as many of the students’ parents, grandparents, and maybe some siblings, are veterans. We should take that day off to celebrate their accomplishments. Even a half-day would be okay. It seems very unfair that we have less time on that day to celebrate our veterans.

About the Author

Collin Boyer
Collin Boyer is one of the coolest sophomores to ever exist. His main hobbies persist of playing guitar and sleeping.