Volleyball Season is Back

As the new school year starts so does the new volleyball season. Alexis Weir has been on the varsity volleyball team for three years now and is excited to see what the new season will bring. “As a team we are getting back into a groove and working well together.” The team has only had three official games this season, winning two out of the three. “As a team everyone has a voice and is heard and I think that has definitely developed more from last year.” Their coach, Carla Milton, took over two years ago and has led our team to success. “This is just the beginning and each game we get closer as a team and are constantly improving.”

On August 30, Kettle Run was defeated 3-0 by the varsity squad. Elizabeth Carroll had 14 assists, Jordan Reid had 9 assists, Abigail Koeller had 11 kills and Savanna Pearson had 9 kills. For anyone who doesn’t know, an assist is when a player sets or passes the ball to someone who then gets a kill. A kill is a point scoring play, it can be from a spike or tip.The JV volleyball also beat Kettle Run 2-0.

The girls will play again September 1 at Liberty. The game starts around 7. Come out and support our Pioneers.

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Anica Moran
Anica is a junior this year. She enjoys reading and listening to music in her spare time.