Water Parks and Amusement Parks

Summer is around the corner and everyone is ready to have fun, but where are they going to go? One thing people can go to is Busch Gardens Water and Amusement Park. In the amusement park, there are plenty of roller coasters and rides. Two of the newest rides are the Tempesto and the Verbolten. Busch Gardens also brought back their Food and Wine Festival where people experience the fascinating food and drinks from around the world. The amusement park is in Williamsburg and the cost per person is $65 and up.

Another place to go to is Kings Dominion, the home of 60 rides and attraction. Some of the newest rides are the Delirium and a new favorite, the Planet Snoopy. Another attraction is Soak City, which is a 20-acre water park with Hurricane Heights slide complex and a family play area. The cost per person is $55 and up.

Water Country USA is another water park people will love. There are plenty of water slides and pools for everyone to enjoy. One of the most famous rides is the Vanishing Point which there are two sides of the ride. The first side is a water slide that is 75 feet high. The second side is a skytube where the floor drops and it goes at a speed of 300. Another attraction is the Nitro Racer which is a high speed slide where people compete against their friends or family. This slide goes 320 feet in four seconds.
These are only some of the amazing water parks and amusement parks in Virginia. Go visit them this summer and have a tons of fun.