Windows Software on a Chromebook?

There is a Chromebook revelation happening at Millbrook. Chromebooks are affordable and easy to monitor so chances are Millbrook isn’t the only school making the switch to Chrome. But by switching to Chrome, students and teachers are missing out on the some of the wonderful software associated with Windows like Microsoft and Adobe and it can be frustrating trying to find a program that does everything wanted or needed and figuring out how it works.

Luckily CodeWeavers is working on making a software called CrossOver that allows users to do this. This software is not available for Chromebooks yet, but they do have software you can purchase for Mac and Linux devices that allows them to run Windows software.

Hopefully CodeWeavers will work fast for everyone who desperately misses Windows soon.

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Gwen Zirkle
Gwen Zirkle is the Junior Editor at the BluXpress. She works in the videography department writing scripts, being in videos, and making sure everyone is on task; and as a writer writing reviews and articles. She plans to be an author and go to college for her English major.