Winter Breaks.. and I don’t mean the good kind.

Chapped lips, dry skin, rough hands and even worse.. dry brittle hair. If I have any advice for these colder days, it is to please stay moisturized! Take care of these little pains because if not they can and will get worse.

Chapped lips are the worst no matter when it occurs. It makes doing normal things like talking and smiling seem impossible. I keep multiple Chapsticks in reach, because if not then I will feel forced to lick them and that is the absolute worse thing you can do! There are tons of different kind of Chapsticks, some made with Shea butter, some even with shimmer to add more of a shine and take place of a gloss and ones that go on like a lipstick.

For cracked skin I recommend applying Nivea Creme daily all over or to preferred areas. I keep a handheld canister in my bag at all times because you never know when dry skin will attack. This creme keeps my skin hydrated throughout the whole day. You can even use this creme on your face, normally they come with a faint to no smell at all.

For people with rougher hands such as myself I rely on California Mango mending skin balm. This is a much thicker balm and contains a lot of oils, but they don’t leave your hands slippery. I found that this balm is way more intense than just a lotion and it feels like it creates a barrier on your hands.

A great product for brittle drying out hair is Argon Oil or Sea Mineral Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner by OGX. Both of these products will moisturize your hair beyond belief while leaving it light and bouncy. Following up with a deep conditioner hydrates even more,  soothes and softens. One of my favorites is the Dr. Miracle’s deep conditioning packets, you can leave this conditioner in your hair all night with a cap on to really let your hair soak up all the product to repair. However this is more of an aggressive approach and I would say it’s best if your hair is very damaged at the time. It is not needed all of the time, definitely not needed more than once every two weeks.

All of these products can be purchased over the counter at local drug stores.